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Kerja Riyadh

JOB DESCRIPTION FOR: City Planning Expert, IBSG Director – Saudi Arabia


Internet Business Solutions Director for the Emerging Market Theatre focused on City Planning and Management and based in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The objective of the role is to lead a number of strategic initiatives around the planning and the management of new residential and economic cities in the kingdom and contribute to the vision and strategy adopted to achieve economic development planning, social communities planning and environmental planning.

Key activities to include:

Establish trusted advisory relations at Minister and CXO level concerned with visions and strategies for new residential and economic cities in KSA.
Collaborate with the Country Transformation and the Sales Management to identify, structure and manage transformational economic cities initiatives in KSA.
Develop IBSG City Planning and Management thought leadership and use it in support of the initiatives in KSA.
Work closely with Cisco Connected Cities experts in the Emerging Market Theater and worldwide to engage in transformational initiatives in KSA.
Support IBSG central teams in engaging in Connected Cities-related work in KSA.

While the role focus is on KSA, some travel will be required to collaborate with the central teams and the management of the IBSG Emerging Markets.

Skills Required

The role typically requires BS in architecture or civil engineering or equivalent plus 10+ years related experience. A masters degree in city planning or an equivalent degree is highly preferred.

Candidates should have demonstrated experience with leading strategic initiatives with officials in the public and private sectors and structuring large projects that includes IT solutions. The candidate should also have a solid understanding for the culture in business and public sector in KSA.

The ideal candidate should have very good understanding from previous experience for 4 out of the following:

Formulation for the short- and long-term establishment and growth urban and suburban communities.

Studying economic, environmental, and social requirements and problems to determine the best use of land and resources.

Addressing issues such as air pollution and traffic congestion and other environmental issues and their impact on urban planning.

Appreciation of the requirements involved in planning for commercial, residential and recreational urban regions.

Understanding issues related to the large-scale planning of:

- Educational buildings and facilities.
- Healthcare buildings and facilities.
- Public transportation systems.
- Ports, whether sea or airports.

Addressing issues related to public safety and security and their implications and considerations for the city plans.

Understanding and engaging with the ecosystem concerned in city planning including municipalities, public work organizations and ministries, community organizers, telecommunication regulators, service providers and national and local governments.
Understanding of land use regulations including zoning, planning permission laws, and restrictive covenants and other private agreements.

Understanding of the infrastructure elements associated with cities planning and design including those related to voice and data communications.

Typical Experience

The right candidate should be a seasoned business executive with circa 10 years experience working with public sector accounts focused on large cities (mayor, governor etc) at a very senior level (Senior Advisor / Minister) to solve strategy and operational challenges. He or she should have a track record of cultivating trusted advisory relationships with these executives regionally. We are searching for a self-starter with very strong communication and presentation skills.

Ideally, the candidate should have 5+ years experience in management consulting with a strategy firm or very big and reputable regional real estate developer. The minimum level that we are searching for is Director.

The candidate should be technically savvy, with reasonable understanding of IT infrastructures and applications.

Experience in translating city visions and strategies into business requirements, services and solutions, and technology needs, including business case development is important. He or she should have a proven ability to build bridge between business impact, city planning and technology.

Additional skills that will be required to be successful in this role include:

· highly analytical
· ability to work in cross-functional organizations
· customer centric approach
· results-oriented performance and innovative approach to problem solving
· ability to work in a matrix organization with few or no direct reports.
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