Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Jobs in Saudi Arabia
One of the major constructions co.
1. General Manager of Constructions Company.
2. Technical Manager (constructions).
3. Mechanics Projects Manager
4. Civil Projects Manager
5. Electricity Projects Manager
6. Communication Projects Manager
7. Chemical Projects Manager
8. IT project Manager
9. Mechanics Engineers
10. Civil Engineers
11. HR Manager
12. Finance Manager
13. Procurement Manager
14. Sales Manager
15. IT Manager
16. Marketing Manager
17. Electricity Engineers
18. Communication Engineers
19. Chemical Engineers
20. Draft Man
21. Wilders
22. Pip Fabricator
23. Pipe fetter
24. Heavy Equipment Operator
25. Programmer
26. Network administrator.
27. Web site designer.
28. Chef Accountant.
29. Sales Man.
30. Sales Supervisor
31. Accountant.
32. Secretary.
33. Drivers.
A. 14 Salaries Yearly.
B. Employee & Family Free Annual Tickets for homeland.
C. Commission for the successful.
D. 3 month Basic Salary As bonus.
E. Family Medical Insurance.
F. All Education Allowances.
G. Life Insurance.
H. Company Car.
I. Country Transfer Allowances.
J. Business Class tickets for Airplane transportations.
K. Free Cell Calls Allowance.
L. Free Accommodation for first 60 days.
M. Development Courses.
N. Annual vacation up to 45 days.
O. Employee loans up to 10 Salaries.

For the interesting candidates for above jobs send to Private Project Manager with notice about the position your apply e-mail or throw
Fax: +96614702467

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