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SBM URGENT Recruitment Drive for IT Professionals

SBM URGENT Recruitment Drive for IT Professionals
Java J2EE Programmer (Job Code: J2EE/June/05/Programer)
JAVA Developer (Job Code: JAVA/June/34/D)
Position Requirements:
5-7 years of experience as a computer programmer in a similar private organization. Expertise in Java/J2EE EJB/SHUDS programming and developing web-based applications essential. Experience in developing PC software and J2EE applications preferred. Knowledge in database applications preferred.Positions
Microsoft.NET Programmer Job Code: MS/June/06/Programer
FileNET Application Developer Job Code: FNAD/June/07/Appdev AllFusion DeveloperAFD/June03/Dev
AllFusion Application Analyst Job Code: AFA/June/04/Ana
NET Developer Job Code: Net/June/35/D
Position Requirements
5 years of experience as a certified Microsoft System Developer in a similar private organization. Expertise in ASP .Net programming and developing web-based applications is essential.
Network Management System Engineer Job Code: NMSE/June/08/CICCO
Senior Network Engineer Job Code: SNE/June/09/SN
Local Area Network Specialist Job Code: LANS/June/10/LANS
Systems Security Specialist Job Code: SSS/June/11/SSS
Network Security Specialist Job Code: NSS/June/12/NSS.
Position Requirements
Minimum of 7 years experience, of which 5 years must be specialized. Specialized experience includes protocol analysis, communication network system design and maintenance, and knowledge of communication protocols such as TCP/IP, X.25, X.400, and X.500. Extensive knowledge of WAN protocols and IP routing protocols Design, implement, and configure many network protocols; IP routing (RIP, RIPII, OSPF, BGP, IGRP, EIGRP), IPX, Apple-Talk, Bridging (DLSW), Switching (LAN switching, Frame Relay, ATM). Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) certification is required.
Business Process Specialist Job Code: BPS/June/13/ITIL
Technical Writer Job Code: TW/June/14/TW
Senior System Architect / Project Manager Job Code: SMA/june/01/PM
Senior System Analyst Job Code: SSA/June/02
Data Center Team Leader Job Code: DC/June14/TL
IBM RACAF Security Specialist Job Code: RACF/June15/SS
IBM CICS System Programming Specialist Job Code: CICS/June/16/PS
IBM DB2 Database Specialist Job Code: DB2/June/17/DS
IBM zOS Network Specialist Job Code: zOS/June/18/NS
IBM zOS Operation Specialist Job Code: zOS/June/19/OS
IBM zOS Performance Specialist
System Security Auditor – Mainframe Job Code: SSA/June/28/M
Security Consultant Job Code: SC/June/33/S
WebSphere MS Series Developer/Administrator Job Code: WS/June/42/MQS
Web Sphere MS Integrator Developer/Administrator Job Code: WS/June/43/DA
Position Requirements
10-15 years experience in the IT industry mainly with big companies dealing in Mainframe area good Knowledge of CICSPLEX, CICS/Web Interfaces such as CTG (CICS Transaction Gateway), CICS Gateway Interface, IBM MQSeries experience is required. Knowledge of SMP/E for installation of CICS and/or other products. Commanding knowledge of CICS internals and Structure . Good assembler language programming skills. Knowledge of and experience with CPSM "C" Language Coding.
Software Quality and Testing Job Code: SQT/June/27/T
System Security Auditor Job Code: MSSSA/June/29/MS
Position Requirements
Minimum 5-9 Years of experience in testing. Worked in manual and auto testing familiar with Black box white box QTP.
Unicenter AHD Job Code: UC/June/21/AHD
PKI Specialist Job Code: PKI/June22/S
Enterprise Architect Job Code: EA/June/41/EA
Position Requirements
Good exposure in CA products administrating and maintaining Unicenter AHD applications. Defining and implementing Help Desk policies and procedures. Overall consultancy and support for the Help Desk system. Applied policies and procedures Custom reporting – system tuning integration with other CA products.
Strategic Planner Job Code: SP/June/23/SP
Project Workshops Facilitator Job Code: PWF/June/24/F
Program Administrator Job Code: PA/June/25/PA
PMO Officer Job Code: PMO/June/26/O
PMO Director Job Code: /PMO/June/30/D
Program Manager Job Code: PRM/June/40/PM
Position Requirements
10-15 years of experience in Management, having good knowledge of process and practice. Qualified PMP must have worked as PMO for 2-3 years and handled more than 5 projects at a time. Strategic Planning: short & long term plans. Helping to meet short-term and long-term performance objectives. Provide a unified vision and direction throughout the organization. Review and update ongoing processes. Quality, Risk, and Configuration Management. Assist in Management Supervision.
AFIS Database Specialist Job Code: AFIS/June/38/DS
AFIS Operation Specialist Job Code: AFIS/June/39/OS
Position Requirements
7-9 years of experience in IT operational support of the NEC Automatic Fingerprint Identification System AFIS21 database. This includes, deployment of system upgrades, coordinating with the original system manufacturer, performance analysis and optimization of database, in addition to the other activities associated with the Oracle 7.2.3 database. Must have great communication skills verbal and written in English. This position requires being on call 24 hours a day. Provide documentation and skills transfer to existing SBM staff.Positions
UPS and Power for Blade Server Job Code: UPS/June/31/PBS
UPS Specialist Job Code: UPS/June/37/S
Middleware Specialist Job Code: MDS/June/36/MS
MS Database Administrator Job Code: MSDA/June/32/DA

For all the positions, a minimum Bachelors Degree in Computer Science (Full Time) from an accredited college or university or MS/MBA/MTech.
Apply referring to the Job Codes to Avani Prasad, Recruitment Coordinator,EMAIL:

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