Monday, April 14, 2008

CV Tips

You need to project our self effectively on the first page of your CV. Recruiters would not spend more than 10 to 30 seconds looking at your CV, so it is very important that your CV needs to make that positive impact.

For an effective CV you need to make short synopsis for your self in 10 to 15 lines describing your skills, areas of expertise, achievements and your work experience by using appropriate key words on the first page itself.

It is very important that you mention about your successes in your CV, which would help the recruiters understand what difference that you had made to the company that you are working. It is very important that your CV has everything that the recruiter is looking for.

Any position's CV has its own style and its own standards that would mention the desired skills and areas of expertise that is much required to be emphasized in this line of business. You need to make personal synopsis of the same.

Recruiters are looking for the job title and the Industry that you are looking for and your CV needs to mention the same in the career objective.

You have to understand that you will have competition from all over the world from people who could even be more experienced than you and what will set you apart is going to be your skills.

You need even to highlight about your Achievements, about the difference that you made to the project that you have worked and your ability to do job differently.

The most important thing that the entire information needs to restricted with in 3 pages not more than that.

CVs are short listed based on the informative key words of desired sector and the same needs to be mentioned very well in your CV. The recruitment agencies and the online method make use of electronic method to shortlist your CV for an interview calls.

There are two things that you need to keep in mind while preparing a powerful and compelling CV. The right contents which has to be targeted for the job that you are looking for, and an attractive appearance which catches the eye of the recruiter.

Benefits offered by most of the companies in the Middle East market:

It’s a Tax free Income.

Additional benefits like free accommodation, travel benefits your family can travel on your visa and even free education for you children in future etc.(varying from company to company)

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