Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Career Opportunities at Abu Dhabi Education Council


Job Code Position Location
ADEC234AccountantAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC233Executive Assistant-Governanceabu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC232Specialist – Extra Curricular Activities Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC231Section Manager – Extra-curricular ActivitiesAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC230Specialist – ExaminationAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC229Section Manager – Student Examination and AssessmentAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC228Senior Specialist – Student WelfareAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC227Division Manager - Student ServicesAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC226Section Manager – Student Guidance Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC225Division Manager - Research Development & FundingAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC224Senior Specialist – Performance MeasurementAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC223Senior Specialist – Internal AuditorAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC222Specialist – Planning (Facilities)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC221Section Manager - Planning (Facilities)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC220Senior Specialist – Project Management (Infrastructure)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC219Senior Specialist – Internal CommunicationsAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC218Senior Specialist – Research Funding (Higher Education)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC216Senior Specialist – Strategic Planning (Higher Education)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC215Section Manager – Performance and Quality Assurance (Higher Education)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC214Section Manager – Research & Development Promotion Manager (Higher Education)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC213Specialist – Research & Data Gathering (Higher Education)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC211Executive Director - Technical and Professional EducationAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC193Section Manager – School FinanceAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC192Senior Specialist – IT Quality ManagementAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC191Senior Specialist – Database ManagementAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC190Senior Specialist – Contract ManagementAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC189Senior Specialist – Instruction Material Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC188Specialist – Emotional/Behavioural Disabilities (EBD)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC187Specialist – Education Facilities DesignAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC186Section Manager - Planning (Infrastructure and Facilities)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC185Senior Specialist – Government Liaison – Staff SupportAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC184Senior Specialist – AssessmentAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC183Senior Treasury SpecialistAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC182Section Manager – Fixed AssetsAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC181Section Manager – TreasuryAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC180Senior Fixed Assets SpecialistAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC179Senior AccountantAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC178Section Manager – AccountingAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC177Section Manager – Budgeting & Management ReportingAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC176Section Manager – IT SupportAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC175Section Manager – IT PlanningAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC174Senior Specialist – Procurement Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC173Division Manager – Partnerships (Office of Global Partnerships and Development)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC172Division Manager – Centres and Institutes (Office of Global Partnerships and Development)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC171Project Manager-Office of Global Partnerships and DevelopmentAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC170Assistant Project Manager-Office of Global Partnerships and DevelopmentAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC169Section Manager - Performance Management (Technical and Professional Education)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC167Senior Specialist - Policy (Technical & Professional Education)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC166Section Manager - Planning (Technical & Professional Education)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC165Specialist – Labour Market (Higher Education)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC164Section Manager – Labour Market Link (Higher Education)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC163Division Manager - Labour Market Intelligence (Higher Education)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC162Section Manager – Support & Funding (Higher Education)Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC160Division Manager - Communications and Public RelationsAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC159Research and Statistics Senior SpecialistAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC155Scientific Laboratory-Translation Assistant Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC153Schools Library ManagerAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC152Adult and Community Education Section ManagerAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC142IT Support Section ManagerAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC141Human Resource Information Systems SpecialistAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC138Accounting Section ManagerAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC135Administrative AssistantAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC130Procurement SpecialistAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC99Education Facilities Design SpecialistAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC97Licensing Inspector Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC96Program Accreditation Standards Specialist Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC95Licensing Standards Specialist Abu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC94Senior Performance Measurement SpecialistAbu DhabiDetailApply
ADEC93Planning SpecialistAbu DhabiDetailApply

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