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Terus Dari Majikan

Terimakasih pada mereka yang menghantar CV, semuanya akan di proses mengikut permintaan majikan.
Dibawah ini adalah kerja-kerja yang diperlukan segera oleh beberapa majikan di Dubai dan Qatar, kalau ada saudara-mara atau kawan-kawan yang berminat, hantar terus ke

Plant & Machinery Dept.
Industrial Electrician
Heavy Equipment Operator
Tower Crane Operator
Tower Crane Erector
Senior Industrial Electrician
Deputy Plant & Machinery Manager
Auto Electrician
Mechanical / Electrical Supervisor
Dewatering Foreman
Tower Crane Erector Foreman

WAW Showroom
Showroom Sales Manager
Sales Personnel
Management Representative

Transit Mixer Driver
Batching Plant Manager - For Ready Mix Plant
QA/QC Engineer - For Ready Mix Plant
QA / QC Dept.
QA / QC Civil


§ Diploma in Electrical Systems from recognized technical institute.
§ Having five years experience of the following:
a) Diagnosis & repair of general electrical circuits.
b) Diagnosis & repair of - such as solenoids, actuators, sensors, limit switches, gauges, meters, relays etc.
c) Solid understanding of Industrial electrical circuits diagrams
d) Good experience in diagnosis & repair of electrical systems on mobile cranes, air compressors, welding machines & tower Cranes
e) Should be able to work on 100m height
§ Must speak, read and write English
§ Diploma from reputed Technical School.
§ Must have minimum of 5 years experience in operating earth moving equipment such as Wheel Loaders, Excavators, Bulldozers or Graders.
§ Mechanical background experience is a plus.
§ Familiar with daily check-up / service of earth moving equipment.
§ Must be familiar with the general safety rules of the trade.
§ Good written and oral communication skill in English.
§ Knowledge in Arabic is advantage.
§ Between 25 – 48 years.

Position summary is also applicable to:
- Backhoe Operators
- Skid Steer
- Loader Operators
- Dumper Operator
- STD Forklift Operator
- Wheel Loader Operator
- Shovel Operator

§ To carryout daily routine checks / service on mobile crane
§ To operate safely mobile cranes such as KRUPP 3045, GROVE AT 633B, P&H, PPM ATT 350 Cranes.
§ To work closely with Riggers/Helpers to ensure safe operation.

§ Candidate must have completed Secondary Certificate or Technical Diploma from a reputed institution with minimum 5 years experience in operating mobile cranes especially the 90’s generation of cranes.
§ Must be well experienced with operation and limitation of electronic safe weight load indicators, handling heavy loads and precaution requirement
§ Must be able to read & write English


§ Diploma in Steel Construction from recognized Technical Institute. Having minimum of 3 years experience in Tower Crane Erection.
§ Familiar with brands like Liebher – Potain Ferro
§ Experience in three methods of erection, fixed on rail and climbing
§ Good knowledge in trouble shooting and maintaining crane mechanism such as Hoisting systems, Slewing System, Trolley and Telescoping
§ Familiar with safety rules on the trade is a must
§ Should be able to work on 100 Mt. Plus height with ease. Knowledge of wire ropes construction and specification
§ To be able to work with multi national company workers
§ Must be able to read and communicate in English.

§ Diploma in Electrical Systems from recognized technical institute.
§ Having five years experience of the following:
- Diagnosis & repair of General Electrical Circuits.
- Diagnosis & repair of Industrial Electrical Panels.
- Diagnosis & repair of Generators 5KVA to 500 KVA.
- Diagnosis & repairs Electrical motors single phase & 3 phase.
- Troubleshooting control panels, diagnosis & repair.
- Solid diagnosis & repair of - such as solenoids, actuators, sensors, limit switches, gauges, meters, relays etc.
- Solid understanding of Industrial electrical circuits diagrams.
- Good experience in diagnosis & repair of electrical systems on mobile cranes, air compressors, welding machines & tower Cranes.
- Should be able to work on 100m height
§ Must speak, read and write English.
§ Between 22- 48 years



§ Reports directly to Plant and Machinery Operations Manager.

§ Acts as Plant & Machinery Operations Manager as & when required.

§ Ensure that safe operations are always carried out on all Job Sites.

§ Ensure that preventive maintenance programme is carried out on all Plant/Machinery & Vehicles.

§ Ensure implementation of ISO standards as per Company certification.

§ Manger & support all P & M site supervisors.

§ Ensure running cost effective operation on all sites.

§ Coordinate between sites & Mechanical/Electrical & Fabrication shops.

§ Prepare report/proposals & submit to P&M Operation Manager.

§ Ensure that all daily reports are submitted from sites to Main workshop, data centre & Main office.
§ Diploma in Auto Electric / Electronics from a recognized Technical Institute.
§ Having minimum of 5 years experience in the following:
- General diagnosis & service
- Battery diagnosis & service
- Starting system : diagnosis & repair
- Charging system : diagnosis & repair
- Lighting system : diagnosis & repair
- Gauges, warning devices and driver information system; diagnosis & repair.
- Components such as Actuators, sensors, switches, and fuel P/P; diagnosis & repair
- Knowledge of electronic controls system on modern cars.
- Body / Accessories diagnosis & repair including air conditioning system.
§ Must speak, read, and write English. Knowledge of Arabic language is an advantage.
§ Between 21 – 50 years.
Plant & Machinery Department


§ Plan and evaluate site drawings and establish a project execution program and planned schedule for plumbing & drainage materials requirements, consultation with client representatives and the Consultant and installation at site.
§ Planning, Costing Coordinating with Consultant / Client and for timely and proper execution of Works.
§ Obtain all required approvals and permits from the government Services Offices (MEW, CED & Municipality).
§ Obtain approvals for temporary power supplies and BED approval for plumbing & drainage connection.
§ Manage a team of plumbers & Asst. plumbers mainly by handling down instructions thru Supervisors Foreman and Lead hands.
§ Obtain excavation work permit.
§ Work with the Tender Department to identify project material specifications and quantities and responsible for proper material orders avoiding delays and wastages.
§ Monitor progress on all plumbing installations & works at the sites, prepare weekly and monthly progress reports, resolve all change orders and modifications to specifications and materials.
§ Monitor the work of sub-contractors to ensure they meet agreed standards.
§ Degree in Mechanical Engineering from an accredited University and Professional Engineer Certification from a recognized jurisdiction.
§ 10 to 12 years experience preferably in the Gulf Countries out of which at least 2years in DOHA – QATAR in engineering design and construction experience involving large-scale commercial, residential and industrial projects.
§ Completely up-to-date with Local and International Mechanical Codes & Standards.
§ Site supervisory experience, particularly the monitoring and supervision of mechanical sub-contractors highly desirable.
§ Strong written and verbal communications skills.

§ Minimum five years experience in dewatering system of different methods such as deep well, well points.
§ Experience in running / trouble shooting different type of dewatering pumps such as diesel driven pumps / electrical submersible pumps.
§ Good experience in installing / rigging and repairing dewatering line / hoses.
§ Ability to work independently if required.
§ Good experience in rectifying finding solutions for day to day dewatering problems such as leaks, loss of vacuum, level control by adjusting float switches, plugging pour holes, etc.
§ Speak, write and read English language is a must.
§ Education level minimum high school education or industrial diploma from reputed institute.
§ Age 25- 50
WAW Showroom
§ University Degree in relevant disciplines. MBA majoring in Marketing and Sales highly desirables.
§ Minimum of 10 years experience in similar field.
§ Knowledge and experience in marketing top of the range Products like Miele (Electrical Appliances), Rolf Benz, Rational (Kitchens) and Hulsta (Household Furniture).
§ Experience in managing and organizing showrooms and staff.
§ Good communication skills, amicable, energetic, pleasant andpresentable.
§ Fluent in Arabic and English.
§ Required to handle projects sales.
§ Administration, Report writing and problems solving skills.

WAW Showroom


§ University graduate with previous sales experience in furniture and kitchen appliances.

§ Good knowledge of the local Qatari market with the ability to handle retail and project sales.

§ Ability to fix and meet sales target figures.

§ Excellent communication skills and computer knowledge.

§ Fluency in written and spoken English, Arabic is desirable.


§ Reports to Managing Director
§ Responsible for defining elaborating, obtaining approval from Managing Director and implementing the Quality Management System.
§ Issues and updates the Quality Policy Manual and Procedures as well as relative revisions, and verifies their implementation.
§ Schedules and conducts Management Reviews for Quality System with Management Members.
§ Plans and carries out Internal Audits.
§ Responsible for finding, handling, analyzing and correcting the non-conformities related to Business Process and Quality Management System.
§ Issues, manages and verifies implementation of preventive and corrective actions.
§ Coordinates with HR and Department Managers for personnel training.
§ Manages the customers satisfaction surveys as well as suppliers/subcontractors evaluations, on quality issues.
§ Responsible for the relation with the company certifying body and various third parties on quality issues.
§ Assists all personnel implementing the company quality management system.
Qatar Beton


§ The Transit Mixer Driver delivers concrete to site according to the batching plant operator instructions. He is also responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of his equipment..

§ He reports to the Dispatcher.


§ Cleans his equipment and performs the pre-established preventive maintenance tasks on a daily basis.

§ Delivers concrete to site and return to the batching plant in minimal time while respecting traffic codes and dispatcher instructions.

§ Establishes exemplary personal conduct at all levels to maintain the respect of superiors and clients.

§ Adds admixtures or water on site if required following the instructions of the laboratory staff.

§ Makes sure the clients signs the delivery voucher upon reception of the goods.

§ Holds a logbook to record all trips carried out daily.

§ Fuels his truck at the end of each working day and whenever required.

§ Reports any incident or anomaly related to his equipment.

§ Informs the dispatcher of the next scheduled maintenance date.

§ Assist the washing team in the process of cleaning the truck.

QA / QC ENGINEER – For Ready Mix Plant

§ Graduate in associated filed from accredited institution in relevant field.

§ The QA/QC Engineer carries out quality control test on all incoming raw materials as well as on concrete produced from the batching plant according to an established program of standard tests. He also performs experimental works under the supervision of the Batching Plant Manager in order to optimize the mix designs and solve field related technical problems.

§ He reports to the Batching Plant Manager.


§ Insures that raw materials are sampled randomly from all batching plants and conveyed to the laboratory for further testing according to a pre-established program.

§ Performs with the help of his assistant standard tests on raw materials with the laboratory equipment at hand.

§ Compiles test generated data to produce pertinent summaries and reports.

§ Test samples of raw material provided by potential suppliers, then classifies them with detailed descriptions in a handbook specially made for this purpose.

§ Reports to his superior any inconsistency in the raw material test results.

§ Samples concrete from all batching plants in order to perform routine quality tests for auto-control and fine-tuning purposes.

§ Reporting to QA/QC Department - Department Head.
§ To be involved in all finishing activities required for inspecting sections of work before Project Managers carry out their inspections.
§ To ensure that your work is carried out in accordance with site quality manual and procedures.
§ Have a sound knowledge of site drawings and specifications.
§ Maintaining a well organized filing system.
§ Collect all required signatures on QC/QC forms.
§ To liase with Project Manager’s inspectors.
§ To be familiar with all approved samples related to finishes
§ To ensure that only specified or approved materials are incorporated in the works.
§ To maintain site diary.

§ Civil Engineering Degree or Architectural qualifications from an accredited University with applicable professional membership and certifications.
§ 3 to 4 years experience in finishes, preferably on Hotel Projects or Recreational Complexes.
§ To have minimum of three years experience working in Quality Control.
§ Knowledge of applicable construction codes and regulations
§ To be familiar with the function of ISO 9001 or 9002.
§ Excellent communication and report writing skills.
§ To have the ability to work under difficult conditions.
§ Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment.
§ To be familiar with safety regulations.
§ Preferably to have specialized in a finishes trade. i.e. Joinery or Marble.

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